Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Whimsical Wednesday # 256

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

everybody remembers the song by Queen?
Of course you do.

And this not-so-whimsical cartoon that was in our newspaper a few week ago:

Death With Dignity

this dog really loves his master: 

"If only you had four legs Master, then we could just have you put down."

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Calendar Tuesday # 12

It’s December 6th ….time again for Calendar Tuesday, which only happens on the first Tuesday of each month.

Let's begin with the Country Homes Ideas calendar, which probably won't be featured here next year as I haven't been able to find one.

I like the general look of the room, but not the blue trim on the chairs.

Moving on to the Violent Veg calendar:

"Thought he would enjoy me tickling his baubles"

And the final Suzy Toronto for this year:

and here is what it says:

If you only PRAY when you’re in trouble…you’re in trouble!

Prayer is a mighty thing. You know it as well as I do. But often it’s not until our world starts to crumble and we’re about to go down in flames that it finally dawns on us to ask for help from a power greater than ourselves.

When we just can’t stand anymore, we finally realize we need to kneel.

When did God become our last resort instead of our first defense? When did we decide we’d only pray once we’d run out of options instead of making it a foundation of our daily lives?

What if we made a prayer a priority right now, as if He is #1 on our celestial speed dial?
The truth is there are always five bars glowing on our heavenly cell phones.

Living a life filled with prayer can strengthen us beyond our abilities and give us an understanding beyond our comprehension. It infuses us with courage and hope and allows us to create a life worth loving despite the challenges we may face.
So give it a try…and do not delay.
Bottom line, if you only pray when you’re in trouble, bless your heart…you’re in trouble.

And we shall now finish the year with the back page of the Suzy Toronto calendar:



Back page, about Suzy Toronto
So this is me…I’m a tad wacky and just shy of crazy. I’m fifty something and live in the sleepy village of Tangerine, Florida, with my husband Al, and a big goofy dog named Lucy. And because life wasn’t crazy enough, my eighty something-year-old parents live with us too. (In my home, the nuts don’t fall far from the tree I eat far too much chocolate, and I drink sparkling water by the gallon. I practice yoga, ride a little red scooter, and go to the beach every chance I get. I have five grown children and over a dozen grandkids who love me as much as I adore them.
I teach them to dip their French fries in their chocolate shakes and to make up any old words to the tunes they like. But most of all, I teach them to never, ever colour inside the lines. This is the Wild Wacky Wonderful life I lead, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Welcome to my world!